I Skate, Therefore I Am

Welcome to "I Skate, Therefore I Am".

With more than 60,000 hits in the month of September 2012, http://isTia.Tv is one of the largest pool and bowl skateboarding website worldwide.

isTia.Tv was born in March 2009 as poolrider.blogspot.com and transfered to isTia.v in November 2011. iskatethereforeiam.com is still a valid adress and was created in July 2010 but is not actively promoted.

In nine months, isTia.Tv has grown from almost nothing to 70,000 page views in September 2012. In the past 4 months, isTia.Tv received an average of 60,000 page views per month. Initially launched with the ning platform, the first two months were a disaster. We quickly realized that the ning platform was not adapted to our format and since January 2012, isTia.Tv has been entirely coded manually with pure html and JQuery. This freed our creativity and gave us the opportunity to design exactly the way we want istia.tv to look. After the switch, the readership went from almost nothing in December 2011 to 13,268 in January 2012. Although our name "I Skate Therefore I Am" seems to imply that we are covering all of skateboarding, we are still and we will always be faithful to our very first editorial from 2009: vert, pool and bowl riding.

We cover all pools and bowl contests around the world with correspondents in the USA, France, Brazil and Australia.

With more than 75% of visitors using the English language to read isTia.Tv, our main readers are from the USA, but we also have readers in French (6%), Brazilian-Portuguese (5%) and Spanish (4%). USA, Australia, France and Brazil being the country with most readerships.

Our readers are pool and bowl riders that are finding in isTia.Tv the information that no other big website (and magazine) carries. This is a segment of the skateboarding population that is growing extremely fast due to the abundance and opening of new skateparks everywhere. We started to cover bowl riding contests three years ago with interviews from skaters who were completely unknown at the time: Allysha Bergado, Lizzie Armanto, Austin Poynter, Pedro Barros, Nolan Monroe, Amelia Brodka, Alex Sorgente, Sky Siljeg, Steven Pineiro, Daniel Cuervo. Now, those riders are on the top spot of the WCS rankings. We also cover old school skateboarder and the skateboarding industry in general.

We also post an enormous amount of pool and bowl videos and we generally stand above the competition: when we display a pool or bowl video, we are generally ahead of Hellaclips.com, Skateboard.tv, Transworld.com, SkateBoarder.com. That's because we carefully select the videos we post, so it has a greater impact and that's why we generally surpass other websites in terms of reach.

Hosoi Classic tales Hosoi Classic tales Hosoi Classic tales Hosoi Classic tales Hosoi Classic tales Hosoi Classic tales Hosoi Classic tales Amelia Brodka Underexposed The Hoopla Girls at Tony Hawk's ramp Screech The Hoopla Girls at Tony Hawk's ramp
Al-Partanen-Comune: isTia.Tv is the #1 embed site.
Sosh, World Cup Skateboarding Bowl cup at Marseille: isTia.Tv is the #1 embed site.
isTia.Tv is the #1 embed site for most pool and bowl videos...

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