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Ameejay Papelera Interview

Ameejay Papelera Ameejay Papelera When she was about 5, Ameejay Papelera saw her: “brother and his friend skating in the front yard and in my head I was thinking, ‘wow that looks so fun’. So one day I saw my brother’s board lying around the house, I took it outside to try it out and t
Lizzie Armanto at Vans Combi Pool

Lizzie Armanto Interview December 2012

Lizzie Armanto Birthday: 26th January 1993 Hometown: Born and raised in Santa Monica, California, USA Lives: Santa Monica / Simi Valley Favorite Place to skate: Potrero Del Sol Stance: Regular 2012 WCS Bowl Ranking: #1 Motto: “Do what makes you happy” Original interview from isTia.Tv