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Vans Girls Combi Classic 2013 Recap

UNDEREXPOSED is a women’s skateboarding documentary directed by Amelia Brodka. The Vans Girls Combi Classic is the premier female bowl skateboarding contest of the year. For 2013 competitors were split into three divisions according to age. Nora Vasconcellos, Lizzie Armanto, and

Austin Poynter and Josue Sanchez on a Mini Ramp

Austin Poynter on a Mini Ramp (with Jouse Sanchez) Austin Poynter and Josue Sanchez on a Mini Ramp Generally, winter is not a busy season for skateboarding, but when you live in Southern California, that’s another story… So, Austin Poynter has been keeping pretty busy doin
Pedro Barros by Helge Tscharn

Pedro Barros post Vert Jam contest Interview

On February third 2013, worldwide Bowl Riding phenomenon and longtime friend Pedro Barros suffered from a virus during the Maresia Vert Jam and was sick as hell. It was though that he would not even make the final runs. But eventually, he broke everything loose on the Lagoa Rodrigo de