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Far & High Paris 2013

Getting their hands on more trophies at the weekend, all the skaters at Far N’ High had plenty to celebrate. There was some serious skateboarding going down at the Far & High competition in Paris this weekend. This prestigious International Skateboard Contest brings togethe

Pedro Barros e Rob Machado

The epic life of the fast and furious Pedro Barros and Rob nachado… Vida do Bob – Pedro Barros e Rob Machado
Greed is the new color of skateboarding

Skateboarding and corporate greed

This article was first published by Chris NIERATKOS in Vice This week’s hot topic in skateboarding is corporate cannibalism. The level of outsider corporate involvement in skating is at an all-time high. Brands that never had any interest in the activity are now realizing there’s a bu
Protec Pool Party 2013 Grosso

Grosso Loveletters to skateboarding Season 4 / Episode 1

Jeff Grosso doesn’t sux anymore: Loveletters are back!!
Far-N-High Paris France International Skateboarding Contest Livestream

Far’n High 2013 Livestream

FAR’n HIGH live webcam and livestream video. Community FAR’n HIGH Skateboard Worldcup May 23, 2013 – May 26, 2013 Halle de Skate du Val d’Orge, Paris – FRANCE
King Of The Snake Dave Tuck Invitational

Dave Tuck King of The Snake Camtest is today

Dave Tuck King of The Snake Camtest event is going down this weekend at The Big Arvada skatepark in Colorado! A hand full of legendary skaters and a lot of prizes…it’s going to be insane! Team Pain crew members are in the mix..hope to see you there!
Ben Hatchell padless during X-Games 2013 at Barcelona

Why is wearing a helmet in bowlriding gay?

When snowmobiler Caleb Moore died due to injuries suffered competing in January’s Winter X Games, event owner ESPN responded that it “works closely on safety issues with athletes.” Events this weekend in Barcelona suggest the Worldwide Leader’s concern only goe

Kevin Kowalski’s Backyard DIY

The natural progression with any skateboarder always helps when they have a local skatepark or spot. Kevin Kowalski has seriously gone the distance in the past couple years destroying it! winning contest, filming video parts, and more. So with all his hard work paid off, now he has cr
Against the X-Games Barcelona 2013

Bacelona Skateboarding Dream City?

Here’s a few pictures from last Saturday’s manifestation. A lot of skaters had shown up to protest against Barcelona city hall and their strictness about skateboarding rules in the city. The frustration is not something new in this area, at all, but last weekends huge extreme sp

Lizzie Armanto: The Future of Women’s Skateboarding

Lizzie Armanto: The Future of Women’s Skateboarding. At only 20 years of age, Lizzie Armanto has been re-writing skateboarding history. A native of Santa Monica, California, Lizzie started skating in 2007 with her younger brother. Since then she has dominated women’s skate