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Austin Poynter Pre Vans Protec Pool Party Interview 2013

Vans Pool Party 2013: Pre-ProTec interview with Austin Poynter

A quick search in Facebook for Austin Poynter returns 20 clones. The sames search on Google returns 794,000 entries… But there is only one Austin Poynter consistently skating at top Level like Austin has done since he won the Amateur Pool Combi Classic several years ago. And tha
Felipe Foguinho Interview

Felipe Foguinho Vans Pool Party Pre-Contest Interview

Brazil is the best thing that happened to skateboarding ultimately. Of course, Brazil has always been a hot house of sick skaters (Edgar Pereira, leo Kakinho, Rony Gomes, Pedro Barros, Sandro Dias, Luan Oliveira, Bob Burnquist, Leticia Bufoni, Murilo Peres…), but since the RTMF
jason moran jazz skateboarding

Interview with Jazz star Jason Moran

Jazz star Jason Moran talks — about skateboarding Jazz pianist Jason Moran avoids the obvious. His music has channeled Johannes Brahms and James P. Johnson, African-American spirituals and Afrika Bambaataa. He makes connections — the latest, with skateboarding. A couple of
Alex Sorgente

Vans Pool Party 2013 Interview: Alex Sorgente

The 8th Annual Pro-Tec Pool Party is going down this Saturday, May 12th at Vans Skatepark and the list of skaters has been announced yesterday by Vans. I did not wait for the list to be published to go and interview the best of the bests… After Josh Rodriguez’s interview t
Joshua Rodriguez Pre-Vans Protec Pool Party Interview Photo David Pang

Vans ProTec Pool Party 2013 Interview: Joshua Rodriguez

Vans ProTec Pool Party 2013 Interview: Joshua Rodriguez How did you get on Lifeblood? I think it started at the Oregon “Defecta” at Pier Park. I slammed on an eggplant and split my eyebrow. Bryce Kanights was there and gave me a butterfly bandaid to hold me off so I could
Alain Goikoetxea

Alain Goikoetxea Volcom Video and Interview

Alain Goikoetxea has a last name that’s impossible to pronounce. That is; if you are not Basque, of course, but that’s why we definitively love him at isTia and we will call him GTX… Alain has been skating for Volcom since ’98. In order to celebrate these 15 ye
Monsanto, Spencer Hamilton

Monsanto’s World according to Spencer Hamilton

I don’t only skate and take skate pictures and publish daily skateboarding information on my E-Mag “I Skate, Therefore I Am”. I also have another blog that’s not about skateboarding… Ah! I started that about 13 months ago after I was fed up with the way Monsanto is thinking we all are
om Remillard, Washington Street

Tom Remillard Interview with TSW

There’s a new breed of killer on the loose. Armed with the kind of fearlessness that can only be bred in the most unforgiving of concrete hellholes, these new assassins are moving out of the pits and into the streets with the same bone-crushing grit. Tom Remillard is unquestionably a
Coco Cianciarulo, skate prodigy from Argentina

Interview with Coco Cianciarulo (March 2013)

Interview with Coco Cianciarulo Coco Cianciarulo is an Argentina-Mexican skater girl who lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her dad is from Argentina, and mother is from Mexico. Flavio Cianciarulo, Coco’s Dad used to play in an Argentine rock band called Los Fabulosos Cadillacs. Flavio
Pedro Barros X Games

Should Brazil boycott the Foz do Iguaçu X-Games?

Should Brazil boycott the Foz do Iguaçu X-Games? Amid disastrous economics numbers, a presidential campaign that officially lasts just three months should mean that Brazil’s next presidential election, due in October 2014, feels far away. In fact it is almost imminent. On February 16t