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The RTMF crew used their days in Los Angeles to film this video on pools, street and ditches. Skaters: Marlon Silva Marcelo Kosake Felipe Foguinho Vi kakinho Pedro Barros
Felipe Foguinho Interview

Felipe Foguinho Vans Pool Party Pre-Contest Interview

Brazil is the best thing that happened to skateboarding ultimately. Of course, Brazil has always been a hot house of sick skaters (Edgar Pereira, leo Kakinho, Rony Gomes, Pedro Barros, Sandro Dias, Luan Oliveira, Bob Burnquist, Leticia Bufoni, Murilo Peres…), but since the RTMF
Red Bull Skate Generation 2013 Florianopolis Brazil Live Webcast Skateboarding Contest

Red Bull Skate Generation Live Webcast

Watch live streaming video from RTMF at isTia.Tv ONLY SUNDAY (TIP: Medium quality seems better than high quality…) Red Bull Skate Generation Live Webcast The third edition of Red Bull Skate Generation is about to happen at Florianópolis (Brazil), in the private RTMF Bowl of the

Felipe Foguinho first pro model board

FELIPE FOGUINHO x PEDRO BARROS “A Surpresa” Pedro Barros is happy to give Felipe Foguino his first pro model board. But wait, there’s more, Pedro barros’s girlfriend decided to be part of the party. And you know how things can be hot in Brazil. So hot that you