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Shaun Ross

Shaun Ross Full Part

He attacks a bunch of different terrain, has surprise moves you never see coming, and has a blast pushing himself as hard as he can. Hell yeah, this part rips.


The RTMF crew used their days in Los Angeles to film this video on pools, street and ditches. Skaters: Marlon Silva Marcelo Kosake Felipe Foguinho Vi kakinho Pedro Barros

Vi Kakinho Monster Energy Drink

Vi Kakinho Monster Energy Drink

Pedro Barros e Rob Machado

The epic life of the fast and furious Pedro Barros and Rob nachado… Vida do Bob – Pedro Barros e Rob Machado

Kevin Kowalski’s Backyard DIY

The natural progression with any skateboarder always helps when they have a local skatepark or spot. Kevin Kowalski has seriously gone the distance in the past couple years destroying it! winning contest, filming video parts, and more. So with all his hard work paid off, now he has cr

Cody Lockwood Skating Burnside + Answering 5 Quick Questions

Cody Lockwood Skating Burnside + Answering 5 Quick Questions Cody Lockwood loves skating Burnside, it is his all time favorite place to skate. Find out his second favorite place to skate, the best skate trip he has ever been on and much more between transition tricks in this My Five.

SMITH GRINDERS 12 – Caique Watanabe

SMITH Another kid from Brazil who’s gonna win all soon. GRINDERS 12 – Caique Watanabe Thanks a lot to Smith Grinders for the tip!!

Ben Hatchell Double Rock

Just a couple of days before the Vans Pool Party, give Ben Hatchell a couple of days inside The Rock and he’ll rip the place to shreds. He is really a magician and you really have to see some of this transition wizardry. Double Rock: Ben Hatchell

Bowl Series with Pedro Barros Episode 1 New Zealand

Bowl Series with Pedro Barros Episode 1 New Zealand. It has been brewing for a couple of months now. Andre Barros told me about the show a couple of weeks ago. It’s now live and you can watch the Eiposde one on isTia.Tv. Andre Barros description of the show is: “this is th

Backyard Pool Kissing

Misc archived peacock footage montage. Ben Raybourn, Kevin Kowalski, Brad McClain, James Hedrix, Skreech, Steven Reves, Mason Merlino. I think that’s everyone filmed by: Josh “Peacock” Henderson lowcardmag.com Buy “I Kissed a Girl” on