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Whatever happened to Skate Master Tate?

Tate is alive and kicking and if you don’t believe me, go to Vans one of those nights…

Rodney Mullen, 2013 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

Rodney Mullen, 2013 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Fittingly inducted into Skateboarding’s Hall of Fame the same year as Alan Gelfand (Invented the ollie on vert), a humble Rodney would be more than worthy of this honor for his adaptation of the vertical ollie to flatground alo

WeActivist Arto Saari

Join us as WeActivist Chris Pastras sits with modern day skateboard legend and new WeActivist Arto Saari to discuss his Finish roots, earning Worldwide recognition, and his rise to fame alongside Geoff Rowley and crew with Flip Skateboards.
Interview Tony Alva

Tony Alva TWS Interview Part 1

As one of the main catalysts for skateboarding’s second wave via the Z-Boys and Dogtown in the ’70s, Tony Alva introduced charisma, attitude, and superstardom to professional skateboarding, right alongside being credited with the first vertical airs in “action sports.” He was also one
Interview Tony Alva

Tony Alva Interview with TWS

30TH ANNIVERSARY INTERVIEWS: TONY ALVA PART 2 Last year TWS published the list of the 30 most iconic skaters of all time. Now is picking up where they left off with Tony Alva, and get into his influences, the number one most influential skater of all time, the genesis of airs and the

Bowl Series with Pedro Barros Episode 1 New Zealand

Bowl Series with Pedro Barros Episode 1 New Zealand. It has been brewing for a couple of months now. Andre Barros told me about the show a couple of weeks ago. It’s now live and you can watch the Eiposde one on isTia.Tv. Andre Barros description of the show is: “this is th

Jeff Grosso Talks Indy

Jeff Grosso Talks Indy from Bryce Kanights on Vimeo. Jeff Grosso Talks Indy: Jeff Grosso sits down to discuss his thoughts with Independent Truck Co. in this short video as featured on the iconic brand’s site back in 2003.
Ray Bones Rodriguez

Backyard Pool Skateboarding by Craig Fineman

Known for his artistic approach to photographing the burgeoning late ’70′s surfing and skateboarding scene, Fineman took into consideration the overall aesthetics of a photograph. Unique angles and composition, intertwined with an almost architectural feel were hallmarks o

Interview with Kilian Martin and Brett Novak

Brett Novak & Kilian Martin: Last Call with Carson Daly. In this interview, Bret Novak and Kilian Martin explain how they met and what do they use to film their videos…