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Vans Invitational Huntington Beach 2013

Doren Invitational practice Huntington Beach

Pals are always doing their best to impress the ladies on the bleachers but those guys do not need to impress anymore. Amid a sea of skin and flying dirt, Vans presents The Doren Invitational at the U.S. Open in Huntington Beach. Here’s a practice recap with tons of shredding fr
Shaun Ross

Shaun Ross Full Part

He attacks a bunch of different terrain, has surprise moves you never see coming, and has a blast pushing himself as hard as he can. Hell yeah, this part rips.


This is an huge contest where we saw rad skateboarding coming from all over the world in a paradisiac place. Skaters were skating, going to the beach, drinking mojito into the village, at last, having a good time. This year there was also a girl contest with prize money. We saw Letici

Fear and Loathing in Australia — Oakley Skate in Oz

Fear and Loathing in Australia — Oakley Skate in Oz The Icon, the Stylist, the Superstar and the Wunderkind. Eric Koston. Rune Glifberg. Ryan Sheckler. Curren Caples. We sent these three stars of skateboarding and a fourth-in-the-making to Australia and asked just one thing of t

Skateboard Paradise, Elliot Sloan’s Radical Vert Ramp Explored

Skateboard Paradise, Elliot Sloan’s Radical Vert Ramp Explored


The RTMF crew used their days in Los Angeles to film this video on pools, street and ditches. Skaters: Marlon Silva Marcelo Kosake Felipe Foguinho Vi kakinho Pedro Barros

Vi Kakinho Monster Energy Drink

Vi Kakinho Monster Energy Drink

Kevin Kowalski’s Backyard DIY

The natural progression with any skateboarder always helps when they have a local skatepark or spot. Kevin Kowalski has seriously gone the distance in the past couple years destroying it! winning contest, filming video parts, and more. So with all his hard work paid off, now he has cr

Morgan Wolf rippin’ The Cove

Morgan Wolf is a ripper from The Cove of Santa Monica, my home skatepark. It’s so nice to finally see him on video. He deserves this an much more. Way to go Morgan!!