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MOSS Jam 2013. Sat 26th October

The MOSS Jam is on again this year at Mt Eliza Skate Park Victoria in Australia, & its bigger than ever. The masters is the biggest domestic bowl contest on the calendar in Australia, outside international events. Organized by Melbourne Old School Skaters & Bowl Riders the eve

United Skateboard Photography Project

http://www.unitedskateboardingpp.com Hamburg skater Jonathan Young is in the process of making a book on skateboard photography, it will include photographers from all over the globe, with proceeds going to skateboard charities (Grind for Life on board). Its expected to be released in

Fear and Loathing in Australia — Oakley Skate in Oz

Fear and Loathing in Australia — Oakley Skate in Oz The Icon, the Stylist, the Superstar and the Wunderkind. Eric Koston. Rune Glifberg. Ryan Sheckler. Curren Caples. We sent these three stars of skateboarding and a fourth-in-the-making to Australia and asked just one thing of t

Cams knows

Just found this video on the internet. There is not a lot of information about it. Actually there is NO information about it, but I think this one is coming from Australia and probably Nathan Beck is involved… And like they say, in skateboarding, involvement is a legitimate use
sky siljeg handplant Bowl A rama 2013

Sky Siljeg interview with TWS Japan

Sky Siljeg interview with TWS Japan Sky Siljeg has an interview in TransWorld Japan to celebrate his 6th trip to Bowl-A-Rama. Here is an excerpt: Well Bowl-A-Rama is over, what went down? This contest has gotten nothing but gnarlier every year. I was stoked to see a lot of first timer

Keegan Palmer at 9 years old

Kegan Palmer Keegan Palmer is a 10 years old whizz kid from The Gold Coast’s Australia who was twice invited to the most prestigious vert and bowl contests in Australia the Newcastle Australian Championships and the Manly Beach world cup. Last summer, he came to the USA for one

Through Our Eyes – Bowl-A-Rama Wellington 2013

Through Our Eyes – Bowl-A-Rama Wellington 2013 Last month SMF covered the annual Bowl-A-Rama event in Wellington NZ for Frontside Events. We had some new camera gear at our disposal this year, so we thought we’d get all cinematic on the air time stunts that these pro skate
Girls Skate Jam iSkate Lizzie Armanto Australia

Lizzie Armanto, Poppy Starr Olsen will compete at Monster skate Jam in Sydney

Again, skater girls are what’s hot in skateboarding now. After Lizzie Armanto’s prowess at ABC Australian Championships, Bowl-A-Arama Wellington and Bondi, she has been invited together with Poppy Starr Olsen and a bunch of other girls (all of them, actually) by Hagan McCreath and Dar