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OG Old Guys Skateboard contest The Cove Santa Monica 2013 George WatanabeShaun RossPioneer-Club-Girl-Skate-JamSkateboarding Hall Of FameX-Games, Barcelona
Expression Session at The Cove of Santa Monica
Expression Session at The Cove It feels great to be a skateboarder. Especially if you are part of a group of skaters ove
Whatever happened to Skate Master Tate?
Tate is alive and kicking and if you don’t believe me, go to Vans one of those nights…
Bob Burnquist’s “Dreamland” – A Backyard Progression
Among the most influential skateboarders the industry has ever seen, Bob Burnquist is still innovating. In his new webis
Shaun Ross Full Part
He attacks a bunch of different terrain, has surprise moves you never see coming, and has a blast pushing himself as har
  Here are some news of girlskating events in Europe ! The 29th of July at the Pioneer Skatepark in St Albans happe
United Skateboard Photography Project
http://www.unitedskateboardingpp.com Hamburg skater Jonathan Young is in the process of making a book on skateboard phot
Rodney Mullen, 2013 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
Rodney Mullen, 2013 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Fittingly inducted into Skateboarding’s Hall of Fame the same
X-GAMES Barcelona – Women Park
Note from the admin: Mary Sweet is a skater from France who covered the Bacelona X-Games for isTia. She is working reall

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  Here are some news of girlskating events in Europe ! The 29th of July at the Pioneer Skatepark in St Albans happenned the Girl Skate Jam Uk runned by Rogue Skateboard and Jenna Selby. We saw girls coming from all over Uk, Julia Bruckler from Austria, Silvia Serret from Spain an

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Julz Lynn

Nyjah Huston sorry for comments about female skaters

Defending Street League Skateboarding champion Nyjah Huston found himself at the center of a gender-driven controversy this week when he was quoted in Thrasher Magazine saying, “Some girls can skate but I personally believe that skateboarding is not for girls at all. Not one bit

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French Girl Video ! [Collectif Filles 2013]

Last april, we made a skatecamp here in the south west of France with Paulianna Laffabrier (from Bordeaux), Chloé Bernard (from Nice), Charlotte Hym (from Paris) and I. Here are a video and some pictures of it ! Thanks to the Skateboard’s French Federation, Florent Balesta, Matt

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  • Steve Caballero Portrait"There were no limits to what you could progress in skateboarding because it's such a creative sport. That's the thing that separates skateboarding from a lot of other sports. It's an artistic sport that applies itself to its surroundings."
    Steve Caballero 2012
  • Tom Groholski portrait"Skating with Jeff Phillips was very high on the "Pros" side of my re-location pros/cons list. He was always stoked to get away from his skatepark and get some backyard crete flow. I'll always love that about him."
    Tom Groholski
  • Kim Woozy founder of Mahfia TvIn a male dominated ego driven industry, the most successful people are those who work hard to make things happen without looking for attention and recognition.

    Kim Woozy (Mahfia.tv)
  • Tony Hawk Swifter, Higher, Stronger: There is a movement to include skateboarding in the Olympics. At this point, I think the Olympics needs skateboarding much more than skateboarding needs the Olympics.
    Tony Hawk - March 2010
  • Neal Hendrix “Looking through a lens is no longer about documenting the places that I’ve skateboarded, but about capturing moments in the lives of people who live so differently from me, who get through their day in unusual ways, and who have never even seen a skateboard.”
    Neil Hendrix
  • Geoff RowleyJust do it: Spread the psyche! Pour concrete, build ramps and break down all the rules! Get weird, get amped and get out there! Word."
    Geoff Rowley. The Skateboard Mag April 2010
  • Stacy Peralta at Sundance Film Festival 2012.When God decided to make skateboarding, he said: -Let there be Jay Adams.-"
    Stacy Peralta
  • March 16-17. Simple Session Saku Arena Tallinn - Estonia
    Simple Sesh
  • Jeff-Grosso-150x150At Vans, Vert was never dead: Van Doren woke up one day and thought: The park turned 10 years old. Hey, I want to re-do the pool. And we said Good, because we turned a bid in for it 2 years ago. So it was really Van Doren's idea. He's the one who paid for it, He's the one who got it done. He's the one who said GO!
    Jeff Grosso in Concrete Disciples 04-07-2010
  • Lance MountainStop me before I am a poser: Skateboarding doesn't make you a skateboarder; not being able to stop skateboarding makes you a skateboarder.
    Lance Mountain
  • Eddie "El Gato" ElgueraAdvice from the pros: The trick is in the back toe...
    Eddie "El Gato" Elguera
  • Lizzie-Armanto-Profile-150x150When I first started skating I wanted to be a good skater. I just did not want to be a good “skater girl”, (Take gender out of the statement) otherwise I would have settled that issue a long time ago. I know that mindset helped me get to where I am.
    Lizzie Armanto