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X-Games, Barcelona

X-GAMES Barcelona – Women Park

Note from the admin: Mary Sweet is a skater from France who covered the Bacelona X-Games for isTia. She is working really hard in France to make girl skateboarding bigger and better than it is. Before the X-Games, she was hyped to finally meet the whole bunch of bowlriders that are co
Lizzie Armanto

You make me dizzie Miss Lizzie

I was in my car this morning driving from Santa Monica when this Beatles song popped up. I thought it was the way thousands of people are feeling about another Lizzie, the one who’s been the top WCS female skaters for the past 3 years… So I’m sharing it with you You make me dizzy Miss

X-Games Barcelona 2013: Lizzie wins the gold meda

“Could not be more thankful for my life! First XGames, first gold, first time in Europe!” Lizzie Armanto X Games rookie Lizzie Armanto won the X Games debut of Women’s Skateboard Park on Saturday, beating out 12-year-old Alana Smith — the youngest medalist in X

Searching for Magic

SEARCHING FOR MAGIC Get to know professional skateboarders/MAHFIA team riders Mimi Knoop, Karen Jonz, Allysha Bergado, Lizzie Armanto and Nora Vasconcellos as they talk about each other as skateboarders and as friends. Find out what it means to be a skateboarder to them and why skateb
Dalton Dern Florida Bowlrider Cup 2013 Photo Kona Skatepark

Florida Bowlrider cup 2013 Backyard Bowl Results and Highlights

Here are the results from the Backyard Bowl Boys 14&Under 1 Jacob Wooten 2 Matthew Despres 3 Joshua Forsberg 4 Wyatt Wisenbaker 5 Christian Frazier 6 Sam Ogden 7 Parker White 8 Jackob Maust 9 Harland Karkos Women 1 Julz Lynn 2 Lizzie Armanto 3 Amelia Brodka 4 Dyan Norbury 5 Kerri
Girls Skate Jam iSkate Lizzie Armanto Australia

Lizzie Armanto, Poppy Starr Olsen will compete at Monster skate Jam in Sydney

Again, skater girls are what’s hot in skateboarding now. After Lizzie Armanto’s prowess at ABC Australian Championships, Bowl-A-Arama Wellington and Bondi, she has been invited together with Poppy Starr Olsen and a bunch of other girls (all of them, actually) by Hagan McCreath and Dar
Lizzie Armanto at Vans Combi Pool

Lizzie Armanto Interview December 2012

Lizzie Armanto Birthday: 26th January 1993 Hometown: Born and raised in Santa Monica, California, USA Lives: Santa Monica / Simi Valley Favorite Place to skate: Potrero Del Sol Stance: Regular 2012 WCS Bowl Ranking: #1 Motto: “Do what makes you happy” Original interview from isTia.Tv
Lizzie Armanto, Vans Combi, Skater Girls

Lizzie Armanto Interview (January 2012)

One day, I asked Lizzie Armanto if I could interview her for isTia.Tv. That was eons ago. That was actually one week before the Combi Classic Pool Party at Vans early November 2011. She said “Yes” and I said “Let’s do it right after the contest”. Lizzie’s interview was part of the big