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  • Bones Brigade Decks Re-Issues

    Powell-Peralta Deck Re-Issues 2013

    BONES BRIGADE” DECK RE-ISSUES New Bones Brigade color ways coming soon!!!!! Fluorescent colors for this summer’s re-issue of Powell-Peralta’s decks…

  • Rip The Ripper Book

    Rip The Ripper Bones Brigade and VCJ

    On January 23rd, 2009, Powell-Peralta hosted the Rip the Ripper Art Show. Fifty eight artists had pieces on display. The reason for the show was to celebrate The Ripper graphic. According to Désirée Astorga: “So many skaters and artists have been influenced by VCJ’s image over the years, we wanted [...]

  • FDR Skatepark, the book

    FDR Skatepark

    FDR Skatepark began its life in 1996 with a few small obstacles built by the City of Philadelphia in an attempt to meet the needs of a growing community. In true D-I-Y fashion, local skaters soon gathered their resources and began the ongoing construction of a space of their own [...]

  • D*Face at Ridiculous

    D*Face at Ridiculous by MRZ

    Street-artist (although he hates to be labeled as such), D*Face, is rather well-known in the skateboarding and street painting industry. A celebrated artist who’s style graces city walls, abandoned pools and various skate parks around the country, D*Face was given the task of renovating a popular skate spot known only [...]

  • Vans: Off The Wall

    Vans: Off the Wall The Book by Doug palladini

    Vans: Off the Wall illustrates through vivid photography and a compelling oral history how a casual canvas shoe and a do-it-yourself spirit have helped turn pop culture inside out. Vans: Off the Wall tells the multi-generational story of the community that encompasses boards, bikes, art, music, and street culture, as [...]

  • Skateboarding Furniture

    Skate Furniture

    We recently ran across Janie Belcourt‘s well-designed furniture constructed mostly of reclaimed skateboard decks on the blog \ \ \. Her usage of found materials is appealing and her story sounds like a romantic novel of some sorts: “After university and professional experience in the communication field, she returns to [...]

  • Stussy – Lance Mountain Design

    Stussy Lance Mountain Collection

    It doesn’t get much more authentic to skate culture than Lance Mountain. It feels like the dude has been doing it forever, because he has. From his search to find Animal Chin with the Bones Brigade, pogoing around with Girl, to his involvement with Nike SB, the skateboard pioneer has [...]

  • Laser-etched skateboard art

    Laser Sculptured Skate Deck

    Seven was an exhibition of lasered skateboard art. A world first of its kind, Seven allows artists to explore the idea of lasering away at the seven layers of ply to make their mark on the board. A select group of artists have contributed their works to explore this new [...]

  • Skateboarding at Artisphere

    Artisphere Skateboarding Sculpture

    Though Cynthia Connolly had been tossing around the idea of a skateboard-themed art show for a few years now, a germ of the idea was planted during a quiet evening in San Francisco, years before the current Artisphere was even a gleam in Arlington’s eye. “I remember seeing this skater [...]


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