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  • Craig Stecyk evokes the bygone era with new show at MOCA

    Artist Craig Stecyk stands in front of his installation, "Faith, Hope and Charity," in the lobby of MOCA. (Anne Cusack, Los Angeles Times / March 25, 2013)

    The steps from Grand Avenue to the entrance of the Museum of Contemporary Art may descend only 35 feet from the street, but that’s as deep as you need to go to exhume the bulldozed spirit of Los Angeles’ Bunker Hill. It’s where you’ll find “Faith, Hope and Charity,” an [...]

  • The Mighty Creators with Grant Brittain

    The Mighty Creators with Grant Brittain

    “13 Mexicanos”- Group Art Show curated by Frank Romero is presenting The Mighty Creators with Grant Brittain. This is a collaboration of 13 graffiti artists from Tjuana who are stepping out of the box and use different forms of media to create art. We are excited about this show! Check [...]

  • Skateboarding Mythology

    Skateboarding Mythology by Trevor Burks

    Skateboarding Mythology is a series of illustrations created by Trevor Burks based on his personal mythologies surrounding growing up skateboarding in a small town. The urban environment is built using mostly logic and has its own practical purpose. But human nature is not totally logical, and humans are not completely [...]

  • David Gonzales, Homie for life

    David Gonzales, homie for life

    David Gonzales is showing how life is after the Homies. In the 90s, David had established an empire with his Homies characters. These characters started off as comic strip that can be traced as far back as the late 70′s. The long awaited feature on Fonzy is finally here. Fonzy [...]


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