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  • 15 years of Gonz with Addidas

    15 years of Gonz Skateboarding Photo Exhibit

    15 YEARS OF GONZ & ADIDAS Photography by Joe Brook, Benjamin Deberdt, Brian Gaberman, Gabe Morford, Skin Phillips, and Sem Rubio HVW8 Art + Design Gallery 661 N. Spaulding Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90036 323.655.4898 HVW8.COM

  • Skate Picture Experiment

    David Gravette Chami skateboarding picture experiment

    Transworld magazine is showcasing a quite interesting artistic photo-job done by David Chami, the TWS senior photographer. Dave Chami is constantly experimenting within the art of photography to come up with new perspectives (check his 4×5 article in the May issue). Sometimes it works, sometimes it fails, but you’ll never [...]

  • Grant Brittain at Push Photography show

    Push Skate Photography

    Inspired by Grant Brittain’s iconic photo of Tod Swank, the Push Photography Show is celebrating skateboarders pushing in the streets. Grant Brittain was the guardian of the now defunct Ranch, one of the most revered skate park ever. He is now in charge of The Skateboard Mag. Proceeds from the [...]

  • Grant Brittain Artikip

    Grant Brittain Artikip Skateboard Zine
  • The Mighty Creators with Grant Brittain

    The Mighty Creators with Grant Brittain

    “13 Mexicanos”- Group Art Show curated by Frank Romero is presenting The Mighty Creators with Grant Brittain. This is a collaboration of 13 graffiti artists from Tjuana who are stepping out of the box and use different forms of media to create art. We are excited about this show! Check [...]

  • Camera Theft Prevention

    Anti-Theft device for skateboarders' cameras

    Camera Theft Prevention During the visit of Pete Sherrard, a British photographer and friend, I was intrigued by the tape on his camera. Especially since he is a wildlife photographer, so I thought it was for camouflage. But, in fact, the thick tape is here for two reasons: – Deter [...]


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