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  • Flying Skateboard

    Flying Skateboard deck

    Where do people go to get such awesome ideas?

  • Skating for Miles

    Skateboarding for Miles Davis

    Stereo has released a new deck series by artist Tim Kerr. The jazz-inspired set features boards for Chris Pastras, Jason Lee, Matt Rodriguez and Chris Miller and remind us in theme of Western Edition’s rad 2009 Miles Davis series. Get the Stereo boards at fine retailers now.

  • Skate Photo on Wood

    Woodsnap printed out one of the iconic SkateBoarder’s covers on a sheet of wood and it came out great. Check out the detail shots inside the post to see if you want them to print any of your images like this

  • D*Face at Ridiculous

    D*Face at Ridiculous by MRZ

    Street-artist (although he hates to be labeled as such), D*Face, is rather well-known in the skateboarding and street painting industry. A celebrated artist who’s style graces city walls, abandoned pools and various skate parks around the country, D*Face was given the task of renovating a popular skate spot known only [...]

  • Vans: Off The Wall

    Vans: Off the Wall The Book by Doug palladini

    Vans: Off the Wall illustrates through vivid photography and a compelling oral history how a casual canvas shoe and a do-it-yourself spirit have helped turn pop culture inside out. Vans: Off the Wall tells the multi-generational story of the community that encompasses boards, bikes, art, music, and street culture, as [...]

  • Skateboarding Furniture

    Skate Furniture

    We recently ran across Janie Belcourt‘s well-designed furniture constructed mostly of reclaimed skateboard decks on the blog \ \ \. Her usage of found materials is appealing and her story sounds like a romantic novel of some sorts: “After university and professional experience in the communication field, she returns to [...]

  • Takaoshi Saito

    Takayoshi Saito

    Space is so scarce in Japan that people end up skating on boardwalks… Although skateboarding may seem like a purely American invention, and in fact the sport was created in sunny California, this activity has spread worldwide since the 1970s. In fact, skateboarding is quite popular in Japan. The burgeoning [...]

  • Motel Kalifornia

    Justin Forbes - Motel Kalifornia Oil on Cancas

    Have you ever visited the Pink Motel? You should. This is the Motel where Lance Mountain, Tony Hawk and the rest of the Bones Brigade filmed Animal Chin in the early 80′s. 30 years after, the Pink Motel is still subject to incessant attacks by dangerous skateboarders that want nothing [...]

  • The Ripper

    Bones The Ripper

    To skateboarding, The Ripper is like the Nike AIR Jordan Silhouette to basketball, the Pink Floyd PRISM to rock n’ roll, and like CHEF BOYARDEE to fine cuisine. Nothing speaks louder than those images to their related aesthetics. Nothing. And when it comes to the Ripper, how fitting is it [...]


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