• Flying Skateboard

    Flying Skateboard deck

    Where do people go to get such awesome ideas?


    Hollenite pool web art bosch

    HIERONYMUS BOSH ( 1450-1516) Bosch is certainly one of the most enigmatic artists of the history of art. His paintings use a symbolic language. His personal style is between gothic and Renaissance style. «In The Garden of Earthly Delights», his imagination is expressed in a very personal style where fantastic [...]

  • Grant Brittain Artikip

    Grant Brittain Artikip Skateboard Zine
  • Second Shot by John Gibson

    Second Shot by John Gibson: guitars made out of skateboards

    Second Shot is a company that was born from a passion for Skateboarding and its culture. Created by John Gibson, husband, father of one and skateboarder since age 10; Second Shot happened organically in his shop at home in Ontario, Canada. Originally, John went to school for Auto Body Repair [...]

  • Deckstool Recycled Skateboard Stools

    Deckstool Recycled Skateboard Deck Stools

    Deck Love! | Deckstool Recycled Skateboard Stools The sentimental skater probably holds on to his or her decks forever in remembrance of the times they’ve had together and others recycle the boards to make new iPhone cases, sunglasses and these Deckstool brand stools for skaters. The Deckstool company recycles trashed [...]

  • Craig Stecyk evokes the bygone era with new show at MOCA

    Artist Craig Stecyk stands in front of his installation, "Faith, Hope and Charity," in the lobby of MOCA. (Anne Cusack, Los Angeles Times / March 25, 2013)

    The steps from Grand Avenue to the entrance of the Museum of Contemporary Art may descend only 35 feet from the street, but that’s as deep as you need to go to exhume the bulldozed spirit of Los Angeles’ Bunker Hill. It’s where you’ll find “Faith, Hope and Charity,” an [...]

  • D.Vicente Skateboards

    David Vicente Skateboards

    This is an art by David Vicente, from France. “These boards are at home doing grinds on the half-pipe or kickflips in the street. Using the best quality hard-rock maple, we gave it a competition shape and supreme pop! We finished the board with our patent-pending printing process, making it [...]

  • Paradox Skateboards Attraction Series Boards

    Paradox Skateboard decks

    Paradox skateboards Attraction Series Boards Designed with Plot for Paradox Skateboards

  • Holy Alliance of Gamers


    Holy Alliance of Gamers’ T-shirt & Skate Deck Seriers by Pale Horse I’ve adapted my ‘Holy Luchadore’ characters for the Parisian apparel brand OTAKU, for this T-shirt series I’ve titled “The Holy Alliance of Gamers” that will be dropping later in 2013. (may vary slightly at launch) I later created [...]


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