• Amazing Examples of Skateboard Deck Design

    Skateboard decks as an art form

    Skateboarding is a sport that has definitely found its niche in the society of all countries and cultures, and is no longer considered a ‘fad’, but a sport in it’s own right. Therefore, skateboards are a wonderful medium for advertising or showing off art, and this is normally carried out [...]

  • Jason Jesse our Lady Guadalupe

    Jason Jesse Clone Decks Virgen De Guadalupe

    In 1991, Santa Cruz released the “Lady Guadalupe” for Jason Jesse. Ten years ago you would see original green stained Lady Guadalupe decks coming up almost weekly on E-Bay, but they have dried up since then. There have been several re-issues of that deck over the time. The last one [...]

  • Otro Vassiviere Phosphorescent Skatepark

    Vassiviere Phosphorescent Skatepark

    Born in Seoul in 1967, Koo Jeong-A is now one of the most influential artists living in France. This student trained at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris and clutch by Christian Boltanski exhibits five years everywhere in the great museums of the world. His work is both [...]

  • Musical Skate House

    Skate Park House LEVEL Architects Japan

    Skate Park House by LEVEL Architects Original house for a young couple in Shibuya, Japan The original owners had a request a little bit special regarding the design of their new home. According to their interests, it was a skate park and a rehearsal room with a piano fully integrated [...]

  • Jim Phillips Screaming Hand Contest

    Jim Philips Screaming Hand Skateboarding Contest

    Jim Philips and Transworld are organizing a skateboarding art contest called “Hand Drawing Contest” based on the double idea that the hand was the most widespread logo in the 80′s, 90′s and even now, and the fact that you have to use your hand to do awesome things. How you [...]

  • Tony Alva Skateboard Decks

    Tony Alva talks about his original painted skateboard decks as told to Seb Carayol

    “This board is the very first one that came out on Alva. People thought the logo was my signature but it wasn’t. I had a friend who was a designer, he did a lot of music album covers for The Weirdos, for Devo, his name is Eric Monson. He is [...]

  • The Mighty Creators with Grant Brittain

    The Mighty Creators with Grant Brittain

    “13 Mexicanos”- Group Art Show curated by Frank Romero is presenting The Mighty Creators with Grant Brittain. This is a collaboration of 13 graffiti artists from Tjuana who are stepping out of the box and use different forms of media to create art. We are excited about this show! Check [...]

  • Camera Theft Prevention

    Anti-Theft device for skateboarders' cameras

    Camera Theft Prevention During the visit of Pete Sherrard, a British photographer and friend, I was intrigued by the tape on his camera. Especially since he is a wildlife photographer, so I thought it was for camouflage. But, in fact, the thick tape is here for two reasons: – Deter [...]

  • Are we not skaters?

    Devo inducted at the skateboarding hall of Fame 2013

    A couple of years ago, Globe teamed up with the most obscure, most talented band (as illustrated by Mark Mothersbaugh’s consistently outdoing of himself, even decades later) and put out a few cruiser completes, along with all kinds of other signature Globe Devo gear. Now Devo has been inducted at [...]


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