David Gravette

David Gravette Chami skateboarding picture experiment

Transworld magazine is showcasing a quite interesting artistic photo-job done by David Chami, the TWS senior photographer. Dave Chami is constantly experimenting within the art of photography to come up with new perspectives (check his 4×5 article in the May issue). Sometimes it works, sometimes it fails, but you’ll never know unless you try. On TWS website, you’ll find five favorite experiments. They are all very interesting, but that’s the one I picked up.
David Chami: I got inspired by a book of photographs by Brian Oglesbee and wanted to shoot something similar of David Gravette. I bought a perspex tray and put water and dishwashing liquid in it plus a little green food coloring. My wife, Sam, wrangled the bubbles while Gravette lay on the floor beneath the tray. I used a macro lens to focus on his reflected images in the bubbles.

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