Skateparks Sleepover

Dreamland at your favorite Skatepark. When will those be installed at your favorite skatepark.

Skater Tube

Skater Tube for Sleepover

Imagine the day those tubes will be installed at your favorite skatepark? During the day you will hit the curves of the bowls and during the night, the curves of the pipe. A skater’s dream? Well, almost: Tepoztlan’s Tubohotel is a cheap hotel that built from recycled concrete tubes. It is designed by the firm T3arc to be built quickly and cheaply, without compromising the area’s spectacular views. Construction took just 3 months.

The hotel, less than an hour away from Mexico City, was inspired by architect Andreas Strauss’ 2005 Das ParkHotel. However, Tubohotel’s concrete modules incorporate more glass to allow guests a better view of the Sierra del Tepozteco mountain range.

Whilst concrete is not usually considered a green building material, the concrete tubes are recycled making the build eco-friendly.

The modules are mostly arranged in stacked pyramids of three tubes. The top room of each pyramid is accessible via a set of stairs.

Inside each tube there’s a queen sized bed along with a…
- Light
- Fan
- Storage
- Fresh towels

The hotel is aimed at budget travelers with rooms costing around 500 pesos or $43 USD per night.

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